Do You Know What You Really Want?

We all have desires and things we would love to have. For some it might be lots of money, for others security and yet for others freedom to do what they want, when they want it. That is why this is a very important question you need to answer early in life. Most young people…

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16 Traits of Highly Successful People That Are Worth Emulating

Traits of Successful People

We all know someone who is successful in a particular field of life. We might not know them personally, but given that lots of successful people are relatively famous, we tend to hear from them a lot and we might think that we do. Think about your favorite sports athlete, TV presenter, or movie star,…

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How Losing My Religion Made Me A Better Online Marketer

Losing my religion - dos and don'ts

This might end up being a very weird post on this blog. However, I need to let this out because it’s one of the reasons that held me back for so long. See, I grew up as part of a very strict religious organization. Even though we didn’t have isolation camps, the techniques that were,…

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