How To Be Successful In Your Pursuit Of Happiness

You’re sitting in your cubicle on a beautiful hot summer day thinking about the great time you’re going to have after work. But about four thirty your boss suddenly is standing there, blocking the entrance of your cubicle demanding that you stay and put a couple of hours of overtime. Suddenly a rush of anger just…

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The Ultimate Life Hack: Stop Whining About Everything!

Take a look at yourself

I don’t know about you, but I seem to have a magnet for them, they just seem to pop up all around me and they really get on my nerves. Yes, I’m talking about complainers! Those people who seem to have only one purpose in life, namely, whine about everything constantly. So, am I turning…

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Give yourself permission to DREAM BIG!

When was the last time you gave yourself permission to DREAM BIG AGAIN? Or you just simply go with the flow, doing the same thing day in, day out, not daring to even change something in your routine. Then I have something to tell YOU! Go ahead, and click on the video and get inspired…

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Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

I can still remember it like if it were yesterday. We were visiting our family in New York City for the first time. It was late in the evening of the 3rd of September 1988, we had had a crazy day walking and visiting different tourist attractions. Suddenly, in the middle of dinner at friends,…

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10 Tips To Be More Successful At Anything

Each one of us has an innate desire to be successful. You only have to look at little kids and notice how fast they develop the desire to WIN and be more successful in anything they try. In fact, one of the biggest challenges as a parent is teaching kids how to deal with „losing“.…

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How Losing My Religion Made Me A Better Online Marketer

Losing my religion - dos and don'ts

This might end up being a very weird post on this blog. However, I need to let this out because it’s one of the reasons that held me back for so long. See, I grew up as part of a very strict religious organization. Even though we didn’t have isolation camps, the techniques that were,…

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