How to Make Money Online Free

Based on the emails I receive from people, the biggest dream of any new internet marketer today is to be able to start to make money online from home without any type of investment.

Somehow, there is a misconception that you can become wealthy online by starting from scratch without making any financial investment. People somehow really believe that they don't need money to make money, when actually the opposite is true and we know it.

In my opinion they make a beginner's mistake when they make this assumption and come into today's world of online marketing with that mentality.

But what's required today to be successful making money for free? And, is it really for free?

Number one, it requires a change of attitude. You must understand that you cannot make lots of money online completely for free, it simply is impossible!

It doesn't mean that it's impossible though to achieve success and make money from home almost for free, but you've got not only to have the correct online marketing knowledge of how to make it work, but also ditch the employee mentality as you replace it with an entrepreneurial mindset, because you'd be starting a legitimate home business.

"Oh, but I know a bunch of YouTube kids that make money online for free" - you might object.

"You're WRONG!" - I respond to you.

Let me elaborate:

To start let's take a look at some hypothetical Youtuber and see what investments he requires to be successful on YouTube. The most obvious is a camera. "Oh, they use their smartphones" - you might say - "which somebody paid money for, right?" - I answer to you.

Then they must have some type of computer, relatively fast access to the internet, and the biggest investment, TIME. Whether you accept it or not, somebody is paying for those things, for the internet access, for the computer or smartphone and so on.

The ones that actually become popular understand the importance of INVESTING in better equipment as they get more and more popular, and you can notice it in the quality of their videos. Again, even if they're making everything from the comfort of their own home, they have that entrepreneurial mentality that's required to succeed.

The point is that you can only make money online for "free" if you have an investor's mentality and think long term. You also need to understand that most of the time, when you're dealing with some type of free programs, what you do is make an exchange of your time for money, like for example when you're posting ads on classifieds sites.

How you can make money online for free

If you have the right mindset and understand the importance to constantly make improvements in yourself, even it if requires to spend some money today, then you can learn the secret to make money online almost for free in the long run, provided you make the right decisions, have enough time on your hands and are persistent enough to not give up too soon.

There are several approaches you could take in your quest that still work today:

  1. You could do some research and find programs online that simply offer free money, like grants. Those programs are the most complicated and hard to find, and there is no guarantee you'll make it through to them, so I'm not going to into specifics about them, or...
  2. You could setup a money site and then through posting ads and other specific online marketing techniques, you could generate free traffic to your money site. For this you are required to make the commitment to be posting ads regularly and consistently.

The question is, how do you make an online money site today? In fact, what is a money site? Where on the internet could you set one up for free? Where can you be posting the ads to bring free online traffic? What are the other specific online marketing techniques you could be using?

These question are very relevant and answering them would provide you a specific kind of knowledge that can make you money online almost for free.

Luckily I've created an online video course that will teach you everything you need to know to start making money without a huge financial investment.

The system is called "Crushing if for Free" and it is not just about posting ads online on free classified sites. In fact, it teaches you everything from scratch, so if you make up your mind and apply yourself, you can actually make it work. As you can read on the sales page, all the resources required you can get online for no cost. And not only that, if you're willing to make an extra effort, you can even get the training practically for FREE as well.

Really? Yep!

But notice that I use the word "practically". That means that you have to give something in exchange and that is a bit of your time and the action sharing this website per email or on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and the lot. And you do that by registering below for this website and then sharing.

In fact, if you manage to win your online free money making course, you'll be proving to yourself that you've got what it takes to make it online as an internet marketer.

So, why don't give it a try?

Hermann Bock

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