Make Big Money Online with High Ticket Products!

There are 2 type of Online Marketers, the ones that make some money here and there, enough to just live or complement their 9-5 job check and the ones who really crush it online and make so much money with their online business that they make 6 or even 7 figures every year on a consistent basis.

To which group do you belong? Or even better, to which group would you like to belong?

There are several specific characteristics that identify each one of these two groups. One, however, is VERY noticeable.

The ones who make it BIG online and earn enough money to become wealthy, are the ones that concentrate in offering online or digital HIGH TICKET products to their prospects and customers. They have come to understand that this is the only and FASTEST way to really make money online.

High Ticket Products

Basically these are products that cost a comparatively big amount of money. And normally people automatically make the assumption that they exist only in the 'REAL WORLD' as opposed to online, when they think of articles with a really high money investment. So, let's clear up a couple of things to make things easier to understand.

Yes, there are high and very high ticket products in the 'brick and mortar' world. Let's take cars for instance.

Everybody knows that there are several 'levels' at which one can purchase one. There are companies like Ford, Toyota or Kia that make relatively cheap cars and really do not specialize on high ticket ones.

Obviously, an automobile will always go for more than a thousand dollars. However, if you think about a vehicle that costs $10,000, I'm pretty sure, nobody will consider it HIGH TICKET, because $10,000 in terms of automobiles is not a lot of money.

On the other hand, let's take an Audi or a BMW. The money cost of these will be in the range of $30,000 to $100,000 and are definitely considered HIGH TICKET based on the money investment you'd have to make to acquire one. But if we go beyond and consider a Bugatti or a Ferrari, we will find ourselves in the VERY HIGH TICKET cars area, since these go upwards of $200,000 and can even reach 7 figures, which is really a lot of money, if you're a normal person.

Now, think about this. Which dealer will make more money by selling their cars? A Kia dealership or a Bugatti one? I guess just by looking at the type of buildings and accommodations of the dealership, you can make up your mind about who's making the most money. It's kind of obvious that the ones offering the high ticket automobiles will make the more money.

But, who do you think will sell more individual vehicles? Most likely the Kia dealership, which means much more work, but not necessarily making higher commissions and more money. And that's precisely the point I'm trying to make. High Ticket products make you more money for less work. You sell less units, but you make more for each sale, in other words, you become more effective at making money selling. That's the beauty of it!

High Priced Products and the Online World

Now, as mentioned, expensive articles in the real world are nothing out of the ordinary. We all know about them, we might have even paid money for them ourselves. The fact that they're tangible, makes the decision relatively easy.

On the online world, on the other hand, it might be a bit different. You might be wondering if such a thing as a high ticket product even exists online.

The difference is that online you have to think in terms of relatives. I don't think anybody will pay $100,000 for something they've just seen online right off the bat, although with new 3D virtual reality technology, who knows what's coming our way online!

However, people are willing to pay from $500 to even $10,000 or more for online products. What kind of products? One of them that people are paying lots of money for is EDUCATION, like I explained in the Education Section, or certain services like Solo Ads. So, if you're selling these type of products, you can certainly make lots of money. Why?

You have to compare these products with the $7 - $47 ebook or WP Plugin. Imagine how many $7 ebooks you need to sell to be able to make an acceptable monthly revenue. Let's say, for instance, that you are trying to make $5000 of sales a month on a consistent basis.

You'd have to sell every month about 715 ebooks to make the $5000. What about the $47 WP Plugin? You'd have to sell 107 of them to make $5000. It's possible online, but requires a bit or work and some connections.

What would be the case if you were selling a high ticket product that gives you a commission of $1000? The answer for this one is easy! ONLY 5!

Does it make sense? Now, the question in your mind should be (at least it was in mine the first time I heard of this), how hard is it to sell high ticket products online?

And the answer is: NOT THAT HARD!

Can someone actually make a living selling them online?

Thousands of people are doing precisely that and they are making a killing, why is that? Because people are willing to pay big money for these high ticket products. Specially in the money making and self-development education niches. See, people are used to paying for higher education, for specialized education. So, if a company is selling high quality education and over delivers, people are willing to buy.

Where can I find them?

If you're a product creator, you don't have to worry about commissions because you'll pocket all the money you make by selling your solutions online. But not everybody is a product creator and most of us in the online money making niche generate an income by selling other people's products and, in this way, generating commissions. In other words, we become affiliates.

There are many high ticket affiliate programs out there that will allow you to make a $1000 or more commissions with one sale. They are not necessarily easy to find because they tend to be part of programs that lead with a low ticket product on the front end and one or several high ticket products on the back end, and only people who have positioned themselves appropriately, end up enjoying making the high commissions.

What does positioning themselves appropriately mean?

Let me give you an example from the real world. Think about a doctor and a nurse, both work in a very similar environment, but which one of them makes more money? Obviously the doctor! Why? Because a doctor has positioned himself through studying and investing more money and time than the nurse, resulting in higher salaries or even the opportunity to go and open his own clinic and sell his services for a good income.

Just to stress the difference, a doctor has positioned himself to make more money because he has invested more time and money in himself and his abilities.

So, how can this knowledge be your ticket to making more money online?

Well, now you know how the game is played. You know you have to start small, then position yourself to be able to receive more elevated commissions. Each system is different, and how you can position yourself for higher commissions is different as well.

Now you understand what is out there and how the so called gurus, make tons of money online. They concentrate on selling high ticket products after positioning themselves to make high commissions.

This is precisely what I've been doing to generate an income online. I am associated with a couple of educational money making institutions that offer the kind of products that you need to make excellent high and juicy commissions online.

If you want to find out more how this online systems work, which would give you access to high ticket commissions just click here.

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