Money Making Education is Needed to Succeed Online

A Money Making Education is of paramount importance to be a successful internet marketer

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What do I mean by "succeed online"?

I specifically mean making more money with your online activities. I don't care what you wish to do, having a presence online requires some type of an investment, be it time or money. If you only pay and pay and don't get paid, you're not being successful online.

So let's find out what is the secret of making money online...

Each one of us has at least one area of expertise. I don’t care what it is, I have one, you have one, your neighbor has one, everybody! And we ONLY became experts in that particular area, because we, at some point and somehow, received an education in that area.

And no, I’m not talking only about complicated things, like engineering and stuff like that. Think about something relatively simple, you know, like driving a car or making a delicious meal.

Did you learn to drive a car without some kind of ‘education‘ or ‘training‘? I’m sure the answer is NO. We ALL had someone that taught us how to drive. We received a driving education!

That’s why, in this instance, when talking about education, I’m making the assertion that it is “the knowledge acquired by learning and instruction to be able to make money online through INTERNET MARKETING“. As you can see, I am making a reference to a very specific definition. It serves only ONE purpose and that is to teach you HOW to make money online. As simple as that!

Now, try to find a college or university that teaches you the secrets of making money online today and beyond.

Good luck with that!

You will not find it! Why? Colleges and universities are way too slow to update themselves and keep up with the new developments in the fields of Online and Internet Marketing.

They keep making the assumption that making money will remain the same as it has been. They fail to recognize that things have radically changed and making a living in the 21st century can be completely different from the past. They're lots of companies and entrepreneurs making a killing using technologies that didn't exist 10 years ago.

That's why you need to avoid making the same mistakes about making money in this modern world.

So, what options do you have?

That’s easy!

You wanna know about how to make money online using internet marketing? Get in touch with ONLINE companies that have come to existence for the only purpose of teaching others how to successfully make money online.

These companies are not making the same assumption that you need a standard job from 9 to 5 so you can be making some money to survive. No, they are actually revolutionizing the online money making world with new techniques applied to old proven methods of making a living.

Where can I find those companies? I’m happy you ask!

There are many online, some better than others and, to be 100% honest, you can even find LOTS of information online about techniques for earning a living for FREE using Internet Marketing. The problem when you do that, is that most of the information is scattered all over the place, which makes it hard making sense of the whole thing, on top of that, you do not have a support system that helps you, as in holding your hand, to put the knowledge you’re acquiring into practice.

Besides, lots of the information that you can find for FREE might be a bit old and is not necessarily what is working today and beyond. And how can you tell whether the information is valid or not, if you’re there by yourself?

The importance of PRACTICING

This aspect is very, very important. I don’t care what type of education you get or what you’re learning. If you are not making some provision to practice what you’ve learned, you haven’t actually learned it.

Huh? – you might think.

Yes! I will repeat. If you do not put into practice what you think you’ve learned, YOU HAVEN’T LEARNED IT! It’s like that quote that goes:

“To know and NOT TO DO,

Imagine the example above, the one about learning how to drive. Imagine you read and read everything about how to drive, but you never sit in a car and try what you’ve read.

Let me ask you a question, do you think you would be able to drive just by reading about it? If you believe so, you're making a big mistake.

You might think that it could work like that, but I’m sure you sit in a stick shift vehicle and try to drive it, and what’s gonna happen is you’ll make that thing jump like a wild horse in a rodeo.

You might get the hang of it after some time, but why would that be?


Yes, to really learn something you HAVE to practice. There is no way around it.

The BEST Online Money Making Education Centers

No, they're not the kind you imagine. They exist only online and come from people who live in the trenches doing this work day in, day out.

These not only provide you with the theory required for making money online without a college education, but they give you the TOOLS that you must have to PRACTICE what you learn and become an expert at making money utilizing the Internet. And since you’re learning the ins and outs of making money online, you most likely will be making money as you learn. Isn’t it great? You’re earning, while you’re learning! Awesome!

So, click on each one of them and learn what they have to offer, also make sure to check out my review site to read about the best tools that continually are launched that can help you make money online, so you can make an INFORMED DECISION and get the ones that are the best suit for you.

Invest in your Education

Before leaving this page, I want you to think about how people invest 1000s of dollars making sure they get a college education. They go into debt, sometimes debts that won’t get paid in a lifetime to have a traditional education.

Why? Because we’ve been brainwashed into believing that a traditional college education is necessary to succeed in life and make enough money to have financial freedom. Sadly, in the majority of the cases, that way of thinking if obsolete.

Let me tell you LOUD AND CLEAR:

“A traditional college education is not necessary to succeed in life”

Just take a look at a few examples of people, who are filthy rich that didn’t go to (or dropped out of) college and some of them didn’t even finish high school. Here are some more, just in case you’re doubting me. :-)

Now, let’s take a look at what people are willing to do to get a traditional college or university education. Because they’ve been brainwashed since little kids into believing that it’s ‘absolutely‘ necessary for their success, they are willing to go great difficulty to achieve it. They see it as an investment to be able to position themselves better to make more money once they start working.

Take a look, for instance, at what the National Center for Education Statistics says the average college tuition for 2010-2011 was. People were willing to pay, on average, up to $32,617 to get an education from a private university and up to $15,918 from a public one.

They expect a good ROI (Return on Investment) on this ‘educational investment’ because that’s what they have been made to believe since they started in grammar school.

However, if you look at the statistics, you’ll notice that there is no guarantee. And yet, people don’t think twice about ‘getting a traditional education’ and paying lots for it.

I’m here to illuminate you! You HAVE to transfer your skills to the ‘digital economy‘ to be able to make money in the 21st century. You need to understand what this fuss about the digital economy is, and why it also requires an investment.

Chances are, however, you will make much more money with much less effort in the digital economy as compared to the traditional one.

Why do I say that? Well, I’ve seen many extreme examples of people coming from less than nothing and, against all odds, using the digital economy have raised to heights not easily achievable when you’re part of the traditional one. Click here to see an awesome example of what I’m talking about!

It’s therefore a very good idea to invest in an education what will show you the 21st century method of making money online.

Believe me, more and more people will migrate to the online digital economy as time goes by with the idea to start making money and if you’re already there, waiting for them, you can make a killing. But like everything in life, you need some kind of investment (be it time or money) in order to get a return back.

Having cleared that up, it’s time to take a look at the Tools that you must have to be able to practice as you learn how to make money online.

Hermann Bock

Note: The second article of this series can be found here.


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