The Ultimate Life Hack: Stop Whining About Everything! 

I don't know about you, but I seem to have a magnet for them, they just seem to pop up all around me and they really get on my nerves.

Yes, I'm talking about complainers!

Those people who seem to have only one purpose in life, namely, whine about everything constantly.

So, am I turning into one of them right here? Erm... Nope!

This post is not a rant, it's an observation and a way of making you think about it and together with me, discover that there is a better way. One that can take you to a different and better way of life.

See, when you are a whiner, you have a very specific focus in life. And that focus determines many things about how you experience life. This is so, because your focus determines your perception of life. It will determine which experiences you will zoom in and which ones you'll actually delete from your experience.

Watch the video above, to see the excellent and amazing example of Nelson Mandela, who after spending 27 years in prison, was determined to NOT BE A COMPLAINER.

Can you learn something from his experience? You bet! In fact, we all can...

The only way to really get forward in life is by changing your interpretation of things and to do that, you need, no, you must change your focus. You must start focusing on the positive and thinking about how to improve and solve problems instead of just whining about them. Do you get my drift?

I hope you do!

If you want to know more about how you can completely change your attitude and focus in life, check out the video below and then click on the button.

Hermann Bock

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Hermann Bock

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